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Heating your home for the New Year

We pride ourselves in providing heating and warmth across the North East to customers in need of installations, heating solutions or advice as to what is best for them. Our experienced team have the knowhow to give you answers to any queries or questions you may have. In this blog we will discuss the different options for heating your home in the new year.

Wood Fires 

With over 18 web pages of fires to choose from across our gas, wood and electric fires range you can be sure to find one that perfectly complements your home! Wood fires can brilliantly heat up your home with their radiant heat which warms an area much faster than a vent system for example. They are much better for the environment too; due to its carbon neutrality wood is a much more eco-friendly solution, wood is responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide in the air and is therefore an efficient solution for your home.

Gas Fires 

Unlike Wood, Gas Fires can be turned on at the flick of a switch providing heat from the second you press the button, ensuring your home warm as well as mess free with no worries about ash or ember. A Gas fire allows you to stay heated with minimum effort required and creates a bespoke style and value to your home with its slick and stylish appeal. Its affordable ambience will make you feel right at home throughout 2020.

Electric Fires 

In contrast to a Gas Fire, Electric Fires provide you with the same great look and feel of a real fire whilst being lower maintenance. You simply turn it on and off when you wish without having to worry about soot in your chimney or cleaning out the ash when the logs have burned.

Whatever fire you choose to start off 2020 JTA Fires and Stoves can cater towards your individual needs. Our professional service makes us a renowned and respected business throughout the North East. For more information visit or call us on 01325 389238.

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